Dear Ms. Vera

I want to thank you for this this amazing year of dance.   Not only for this year, but also for the 11 years before.  When I start dance at Reverence, I was only 3 years old.  I was young and lacked discipline, will-power, ambition, and passion. You were the one who instilled these traits into me through the power of dance, something I will always cherish. Over these years, you have been watching over me, training me as I grew into a better dancer, but more importantly a better person, and when things got tough,  you were always there to inspire me to face adversity head on. I am forever grateful for everything that you have done and I am never going to forget the lessons that you have taught me. You will always have a special place in my hear because you were always there. You were there at all of my performances even when my parents would miss and have missed almost all of them.  You have been there for me since the beginning of my dance career when I was only 3 years old! Because of the nature of my personality, it is hard for me to express how incredibly grateful I am to have you in my life but I am doing my best. Because of your support and this dance studio, I have become what I am today and can never thank you enough for everything you have given me all these years. Because of you, I have found my friends, my ambition and most importantly I have found my love of dance.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.  I know I will never be able to find a teacher as passionate about her profession and her pupils as you. I don’t know how else to express my gratitude anymore. Words honestly can’t describe the respect that I have for you.  I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have done this without you and you have impacted my life so much.



Dear Ms. Vera,

Thank you so much for being the best dance teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve know you from such a young age and no foully have you taught me to be a dancer, but you also taught me manners too. All my teacher say how polite I am and that is thanks to you. I’ve been able to experience some amazing things because of you including the RAD Dance Challenge,  Encore Competitions, exams and amazing recitals. You are such a kind teacher and I am very happy that I came to Reverence in the first place.  I love you and all the people at Reverence. You are also an amazing dancer. That performance you did in the Christmas show blew me away. It is so emotional looking back to when I was tine and now, how far we’ve come as a dance studio and all the dancers. You’ve shaped us all into amazing people. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. I am so happy that I ever met you.


Dear Miss Vera,

I wanted to share with you my feelings as a parent the pride I feel when watching the ongoing development of Allison’s grace, poise, passion and confidence over the years while dancing with Reverence Academy of Dance.

This is Allison’s sixth year at Reverence. She started as a tiny tot and I remember the laughter and tears of joy as I watched my little girl dance in her first ballet classes and performances. When she completed her first year, she announced that she wanted to dance in the RAD program. My first question was “what is the RAD program”? As I looked into it, I wasn’t quite sure why my little girl should dance in a program which included an exam at the end of the year. It all seemed so serious for such a little girl. Yet, she was determined and so began her journey of dance at Reverence with RAD.

I look back and am so thankful that she asked to dance in the RAD program. Over time not only have her skills as a dancer developed, but so has her confidence. Starting in pre-primary and primary she entered exams with her class plus with her teacher. Then she transitioned into exams with the class but without her teacher. Over time, she has entered exams in smaller and smaller groups and now she has requested to be examined for the Solo Performance Award in her RAD exams. This is not only great dance training, but great life training. Allison has learned about hard work and dedication. She has learned about team work as the other dancers in her class depend on her as a partner. She has developed great self-confidence. In fact, she finished third place in her school’s spelling bee last month … the fact this once shy girl participated in the bee with confidence amazed me. She has developed a passion in life for dance. How many of us can say we have a true passion about something in life that makes us want to work harder and to always strive for more? I love seeing this develop in her.

Right now Allison’s immediate dreams and goals are to achieve a “Distinction” grade in her RAD exams and to perform her solo dances for the RAD examiner to receive her Solo Performance Award. Allison says she wants to be a dancer and a teacher like Miss Vera when she grows up. We all now that the dreams of a nine year old can change. However, through the work you are doing with her and her own focus and dedication, she is learning that dreams can become reality. This is teaching her that regardless of her dreams and goals in life, her hard work will help her achieve what ever she wants. What a great life lesson.

Thank you Miss Vera, Mr. Gerry and Reverence, for helping a little girl grow into a young lady with grace, elegance, passion and a great work ethic. Your dedication to the young dancers of Reverence does not just help them grow as dancers but also helps them grow in life.


Janice Kinnin

Proud parent of a Reverence dancer


Ms Vera and Mr Gerry, Harper, Ellis and I want to thank you so much for the fun New Year’s Eve party. The girls still are telling me all about it; they thought that Mr Gerry’s sound and light set up was fabulous! It was something fun and special for them to do, especially since I was working that night and couldn’t “ring in the new year” with them. Thanks again. Kim


Thank You!!!!!

We SO appreciate all the hard work everyone puts into such an amazing performance. Please know how VERY much we love seeing you dance!

Christmas Blessings to each and every one of you.  You are always, always welcome here!

With our warmest regards,

All of the residents, staff, and family members of Sunrise Senior Living in Westminster.


Eleven years after having first stepped into Reverence Academy of
Dance, I am delighted it is where I chose to pursue my passion for
dance. The quality of teaching I have had while at Reverence is
extraordinary. I enjoy my classes and have grown a lot as a dancer and
as a person. My technique has improved to an unbelievable extent in
the past ten years, and I have learned how to push myself to work hard
in order to achieve a goal. I believe the term “reverence” fits very
well in the title of this school, as that is what is taught here: a
deep respect for other students, teachers, and dance. -Ashley P.

Reverence is my second home. Having danced at Reverence since I was four has made me the person I am today. Not only did I find a joy for dancing, but I found a support system, family, and a place that loves to dance. Reverence is a studio that teaches great technique, knowledge of dance, and the outstanding benefits of being a strong dancer. This studio taught me a lot about dance. Every time I would leave dance class, I would leave happier than when I walked in. This studio shows passion of dance.  I not only grew as a dancer throughout the years I danced there, but as a teacher, person, and women. If it weren’t for Reverence, I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today.

~ Megan Reichstein

Thanks for running such a great dance studio. We feel blessed to be a part of it. Your dedication shows – love Karley and Brenna

Dear Vera and Gerry, We all enjoyed the beautiful Memories Performance last night. It was such a heartwarming experience. Those little ones were adorable. They brought tears of joy to my eyes. The older dancers were terrific too. What a meaningful ministry you both perform. You give those young people gifts they will have all their lives. All the hard work, efforts, and delight you put into the show and the whole year were certainly evident.  Thank you so much for inviting us to be apart of your wonder filled, spiritual journey. Love, Nancy

Congratulations, you two!  What a wonderful evening!!  From the moment the “Unforgettable” performers stepped onto the stage, until the grand finale, you held us spellbound.  Where do I start?
1.  Organization and timing – very professional.  Not a moment wasted between numbers, yet there was never a sense of things being rushed.  The one blip in the program was handled so well that one didn’t even remember it happening five minutes later.
2.  Costumes – outstanding!  A wonderful selection of musical numbers which fitted every mood and style.
3.  Vera, your choreography was excellent.  I heard many murmurs of appreciation especially after the Anchors Away number and the Trust in Jesus.  Red & White was one of my favorites!
4.  Gerry, you were in complete control and had the audience in the palm of your hand whenever you spoke.  How you managed to be in four places at once and handle everything so efficiently boggles my mind.  And at the same time you and Vera both took time out to converse with our little group.Suffice it to say you did an superb job.  My hat’s off to you when I see what a positive influence you are on all those young people, and the happiness you bring both to them and their families.  You each deserve a gold star in your crown.
Thank you for sharing your evening with us.  May the future hold all you could wish for, personally and for your Academy.
Peg Skurnik
Frasier Meadows Retirement Community