Kelly King

Kelly has endured a love affair with ballet since she began studying privately with Marina Levasheva at age 14.  Her understanding of the elegance in classical style was established at that time in the many romantic works she learned. Her training with Melissa Lowe, a former principal dancer with PNB, solidified her artistry while studying at the University of Arizona & developed a technician to match her elegant style.

She is an accomplished educator of 18 years who has continued to increase her own technical proficiency as well as to develop her communication skills to ensure quick understanding, safety, and the rapid success of her pupils.  Ms. King has learned the early parts of the Royal Academy of Dance program, is a member of The Cecchetti Council of America as a Grade 2 instructor. She holds a personal training certification through NASM and is a willPower & grace® certified fitness instructor which has provided very useful tools as well.

She also loves to teach jazz and lyrical, making her a well rounded teacher and dancer.  Her specialty is communicating clearly how to accelerate technical proficiency utilizing kinesthetic awareness as well as breaking down the misunderstandings regarding the supporting leg and how it plays a vital role in developing lightness and speed, as well as the agility to maximize power and control. She places emphasis on progression, coordination, strength, and injury prevention while also helping her pupils to bring joy, to each movement.

She believes the challenge in our digital age is keeping children and adolescents accountable to their greatness while nurturing their delicate spirits.  Ms. King is excited to join Reverence Academy of Dance for her first season and to share her great love of the silent song of dance.